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Default A few questions about cardistry

I've been wanting to get into card manipulation or cardistry, I was just looking for some tips. I've heard about fanning powder, and I was wondering about that. I was also wondering if there were good decks to buy?

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Marcos Olivero
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Card manipulation, cardistry, and flourishing are kinda different to each other, but i believe you mean flourishing, so if i am right, i'd say practice alot, use bicycle decks.
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Cardistry and flourishing (and Xtreme Card Manipulation for that matter) actually are the exact same thing, though some people like to think that flourishing is what magicians do and cardistry/XCM is more advanced flourishing but that is not the case).

Card manipulation on the other hand is what you see magicians do on stage, making cards appear. It may be a bit confusing that Xtreme Card Manipulation (XCM) is called like that while it is something completely different, but the only one to blame for that are De'vo who decided to call it that.

Fanning powder could be used in both instances though, as for fanning in flourishes or fanning the cards you made appear from thin air. It's more common with flourishing though, because it tends to make the cards feel a bit softer which might not always be appreciated by card manipulators.

Basically what the powder does is putting a coating over the cards, making the cards slide more upon each other and upon solid flat surfaces. If you want to be able to keep doing card fans yet don't have money to get yourself a new deck when the old one starts losing its ability to fan nicely, then fanning powder might be the way to go and save yourself some money. I wouldn't know any other reason to get it. Also, not using fanning powder would be a good reason to start learning the 'Pressure Fan' to be able to still fan worn out cards.

As for which cards to get, this doesn't quite manner, as long as they fan. Decks from the United States Playing Card Company are seen as the ones that usually fan best, including but not limited to the Bicycle brand. You can also have a look at the decks that theory11 has in stock, as they provide cards mainly for flourishers.
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Thank you very much
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