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Question karnival dose...??


I want to buy the karnival dose deck and I'm wondering if it's worth it....
Some reviews say that the deck is good, and others that it's not
Do you recomend it???
If not, which decks do you recomend??

Please answer!!

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Old 09-27-2011, 02:49 PM   #2
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I would always refer to Jason (the1eyedjack) as for good reviews. I have done quite some business with him so I know he knows what he is talking about like no other.

So hereby, what he said about it:

Personally I'd never use that kind of deck, simply because they don't look like playing cards at all. And the reveal joker is such a huge gaff card that you can't do anything else with it unless you first do a trick with the reveal. It's just another collector's item, if you'd ask me.
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The same goes for me, I personally don't like the one-way design because fans and spreads wouldn't look that pretty. But if you got a kind of grungy cris angel image going on then these cards may work with that style.
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Old 09-27-2011, 08:53 PM   #4
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its a cool looking deck, but not very practical imo
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Old 09-27-2011, 10:17 PM   #5
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karnival cards have always been seen as collector's items more than a deck, if you want to get one, feel free to do so, but i personally don't like them( for anything is isn't 2-handed flourishing, they aren't good imo)
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I collect decks based on looks AND handling. I have bought one of nearly every deck that my favourite card shop has got on offer. The Dose deck is one of the few I have left out And that says alot! I just don't like the artwork at all. There are so many better decks out there that I'd only recommend this if you really like the artwork. There's nothing else about them that makes them stand out from so many other decks.
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deck, karnival dose, playng cards

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