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Default Tarot cards

So I was thinking about buying a couple of tarot decks to add to my arsenal. I thought they might be good to use for some mentalism and "spooky" effects to give the trick a more magical touch. I also figured you can use it in performances to switch into a deck with a setup without raising suspicion. And you can find some decks that look really cool to.
But then I saw that they cost at least three or four times as much as a ordanairy deck.

Is there anyone of you guys who owns or uses tarot cards in your performances? Got any suggestions for what I should buy? Is it even worth it to buy a deck? And how good is the finnish and "feel" in those decks?
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well, i'm part of an otaku community( i won't bother explain the term, it's tedious work, try google) so i have seen and touch tarot cards before, and well, i think it's in your best interest to not buy a deck... they are bigger than most regular packs( usually in length, but sometimes in width as well), the finish is a plastic coating( that's what they are here, it might be a different one else where in the world, but i doubt it) so it's hard to tell how long it will be able to handle well( if the stock is as good as the alladins 1001, it should hold out fine).
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I've always had an interest in it, not for the arsenal, but pure fortune telling (of course, it's not real, but it's just fun to do. People like these stuff). I'm also looking to buy one more so now, now that I've been reminded of it. Let me search some up too.
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i was REALLY into tarot card stuff for awhile, and i always got mine from garage sales/thrift stores, theres a 2/3 chance a place that like will have some for a dirt cheap price...or maybe im just lucky :P
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