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Magicians: The Gathering Rules
Everyone is equal
All of us are human beings and we all deserve each other's respect. This also means we expect everyone to respect each other's opinions, performances and all the different kinds of arts, even if it is something you totally don't like or agree with. The only exception is if the person in question is not following the forum rules.

Also, Administrators and (Top) Moderators are here just to keep the forums clean and to guide those who need help with the forums. They are in no way better than any other person on here. This differs from most other forums out there where staff and elite members cause a lot of unnecessary trouble and hate by thinking they are better than the rest of the community. Please don't worry.

No hate allowed
No one likes hate, nor do we.

It's okay to have opinions, but please word them as opinions as well, preferably in a nice way (f.i. "I didn't like it." instead of "That sucked!"). Even more appreciated would be constructive feedback so that the person in question knows what you didn't like about it and what they might have to work on.

The only times hate is okay is when it's about things which already go against the forum rules.

No public magic exposure allowed
The art of magic is about making everyone feel young again, like a little kid being amazed at the huge mysterious world and its many features. It would be a huge pity to have such a feeling ruined so we simply won't allow that to happen.

For approved magicians there are secret forums which allow them to talk more freely about the art without having to worry about spoiling anything. This does not mean that if you know the basics of magic you will automatically get access to such forums. You will be approved once your time is there.

No false advertising allowed
For magicians it's okay to lie to their spectators when performing, but there is no need to lie outside of actual performances. Please be sure you don't because it won't be appreciated by the community.

An example for this is saying an effect is clean while it's not. Just do not mention anything about the cleanness at all in such situations.

Laws and Ethics
The rest is just based on international laws and ethics. If the majority does or would think something is unacceptable, it probably is. Of course you may feel free to contact this administrator account or any moderator at anytime just to be sure.

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